PhysioFirst is a highly experienced and motivated team of physiotherapists, servicing Sydney’s south, via practices in Sylvania and Miranda. Our Sylvania clinic includes a gym setting and hydrotherapy facility to further aid strengthening. Our Miranda clinic provides easy ground access for all ages and injuries regardless of mobility.

We are committed to providing both short term pain relief and long term rehabilitation strategies for our clients, ensuring a high level of support and professionalism throughout the recovery process.

Our clinics and physiotherapy practices are derived from evidence based techniques. We pride ourselves on hands on therapy and target the problem area using a three stage process that includes:

  1. RELIEVE joint stiffness, muscle spasm and pain
  2. STRENGTHEN affected area of weakness to return them to their pre-injury state
  3. EDUCATE clients on their injury and how to self manage injury after treatment

We find that clients who understand their injury/ rehab process are more compelled to adhere to the prescribed plan. Therefore education in regards to treatment and prescribed exercises will allow them to independently control their injury.

All our physiotherapists have a sporting background in addition to having multiple degrees in sports science, rehab and nutrition.

The Team

Dedicated, experienced and caring are three words often used to describe the PhysioFirst team. Led by director Con Pavlidis, the team always put their clients first with a smile on their faces. We live and breathe our service motto of relieve, strengthen, educate and always take a holistic approach to your health care needs. All our physiotherapists have a sporting background in addition to having multiple qualifications in sports science, rehab and nutrition.

Con Pavlidis

Owner, Physiotherapist

Con has 10 years of experience as a physiotherapist 3 university degrees completed. He personally trains numerous times a day…


Clinic Manager

Niki is the face of the business, and has been at Physio First for over 4 years. Niki manages all…

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